International science journal for the Barents Region

The purpose of this project is to develop an international academic open access journal, Barents Studies: Peoples, Economies and Politics. The journal will provide scientific knowledge and latest research news related to developmental processes within the Barents Euro-Arctic Region.

The project aims to promote research co-operation and popularization of research results in the Barents Region by sharing topical scientific news through the new journal. At the same time the purpose is to expand the understanding of the Barents Region in global, social, political and economic context.

The project is significant because there is no similar academic journal specific to the Barents Region available at the moment. Barents Studies: Peoples, Economies and Politics also provides opportunities for cross-border cooperation via shared editorship circulating among partner institutes. Project partners are the Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland (Lead Partner, Finland), the Luzin Institute for Economic Studies of the Kola Science Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia) and the Barents Institute at the University of Tromsø (Norway). The project was funded by Kolarctic ENPI CBC programme.


  • 3.9.2015 9:19

    A third issue of Barents Studies: Peoples, Economies and Politics, a new scientific journal concerning Barents Region and its people, economy and politics, has recently been published. The open access journal is available as both electronic and printed version.





The journal is indexed in the Directory of Open Access Journals and in the Russian Science Citation Index.

 Background picture by Irina Nazarowa.




Third issue of the Barents Studies Vol. 1 Issue 3 / 2015


Supplementary issue, Autumn 2014