Barents Studies - Supplementary issue

Autumn 2014

Cover_suplementary-issue_for-web.jpgColourful stories about everyday life and research in the Barents Region.

Editorial: Testing the Barents identity
Markku Heikkilä

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Barents’?

Ready – Network – Action!
Mapping the big picture
Enjoy some Arctic take-away
Group work that works

From idea to journal
How does one launch a new academic journal?
What’s the recipe for success?

Studying a region – why on earth?
Marjo Laukkanen

Column: My Barents
Thomas Nilsen

Sámi fine arts
The main themes in Sámi contemporary exhibition

Arctic beats Barents?
Marjo Laukkanen

Barents on a plate
What do lunch plates look like in different workplaces and for different people?

Foreign berry pickers in northern Finland
Seija Tuulentie, Ville Hallikainen & Rainer Peltola

The story behind a famous name
One of the best-known Arctic explorers is the Dutchman Willem Barentsz (1550–97)
Marjo Laukkanen

Community activist connects people and government
Sari Pöyhönen

Wet drinking cultures – wet problems
Tarja Orjasniemi & Andrey Soloviev

Real and imagined bordering
Larissa Riabova & Aileen A. Espiritu

From piqued to published
Marjo Lindroth

The Barents on holiday
During the summer some people work and some take weeks off

The case of Sweden
Gunnar Lassinantti

Sounds like Barents
Challenges of Land use and industry
How safe is local food


A ‘scientific’ cartoon
How neighbours communicate. Based on a scientific article by Sonni Olsen
Nelli Immonen

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