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Natural resources

  • Mineral potential and mining in Fennoscandia - the Metallogenic Map of the Fennoscandian Shield shows areas of metal deposits and probable future metal ore discoveries in the Fennoscandian Shield. The map has been produced for use as a tool in selecting strategic areas for mineral exploration as well as for research in economic geology.
  • Interactive geological prospecting map of Finland - by the Geological Survey of Finland
  • Arctic Web - map themes covering the entire Norwegian Continental Self with data from Norwegian key data owners. information on oil and gas activities in the Arctic seas. Arctic Web is a joint-industry project aiming to make Arctic data accessible and searchable in one place, providing also a map interface. Access to ArcticWeb is open to key data owners and subscribers only.
  • Globalis - interactive world atlas showing thematic information. Globalis aims to create an understanding for similarities and differences in human societies, as well as how we influence life on the planet.
  • AMAP maps and graphpics - the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Prorgamme provides access to graphics files and GIS datasets associated with maps and graphical products that appear in AMAP reports, etc. Several hundred files are available and this resource is regularly being added to..


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Maps of the Barents Euro-Arctic Region 

Map of the Barents Euro-Arctic Region with county capitals 

 Map of the Barents Euro-Arctic Region

Map of the Barents Euro-Arctic Region

You can use these maps freely in your presentations, publications and website provided that you mention the source of the maps as: "Map by the Arctic Centre, University of Lapland".
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