was built by a Finnish, Norwegian, Russian and Swedish cooperation project which was funded by the European Union Kolartic Interreg program for the years 2003-2004.

The portal is maintained by the Science Communication unit of the Arctic Centre University of Lapland. Information on events and new websites that should be included in the portal can be sent by email to Arto Vitikka.


Your input is very important, you can send us information to addresses below.

  • Arto Vitikka
    Arctic Centre, University of Lapland
    Rovaniemi, Finland
    arto.vitikka (at)
  • Thomas Nilsen
    The Norwegian Barents Secretariat
    Kirkenes, Norway
    thomas.nilsen (at)
  • Jonas Nuldén
    County Administrative Board of Norrbotten
    Luleå, Sweden
    jonas.nulden (at)