Russia - Arkhangelsk Region

The current tourism offering in Arkhangelsk is centered on tours with Arctic, cultural, educational, eventful and active content and businesses focus on the standardization of services in order to raise the service quality for meeting international customers’ expectations. For further development and innovations, tourism companies need a combination of know-how and resources, such as market information and forecasts, integrated studies of the tourist flows, improved use of information technology plus a developed tourism infrastructure. Prospective for the future are ATV and snowmobile tours, business related tourism, river- and sea cruises and strategic mega-events.

Tourist companies located in the Arkhangelsk Region are interested in the development of Barents Region tourism products, which are based on already existing tours and services. Regional government authorities, interregional organizations, tourism associations and the private sector could facilitate joint promotion of these tours for the regional and the global market.

The utilization of the previous international projects in Barents Region contributes to the ongoing Barents cooperation.  However, in order to create prosperous cross-border tourism products, the obstacles such as accessibility, visa issues, affordability of services, the education of personnel and linguistic as well as socio-cultural barriers, are in an urgent need to be solved. There is interest towards the development of MICE tourism. Prerequisites for this business expansion are a functional infrastructure, a service standard and professional host organizations. Promising for MICE tourism in the Arkhangelsk region are events connected with the Arctic, peculiarities of the North, culture of the local and indigenous people, and annual traditional business events.

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