Russia - Murmansk

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It is necessary to have common information space which would cover tourism in the Barents region (common web-site, for example).  During the process of realizing tourism services, different types of information are used – historical resources, mass media, partner resources, the Internet, personal communication, advertisements and others. In general, the information is obtained independently. At the same time, lack of information is considered one of the most essential problems of tour operators. There is much information, but it is scattered; there is no common information space on the Kola Peninsula. For development of tourism organizations, it is necessary to have information about educational services, peculiarities of tourism services provisions in other countries and statistical data reflecting the development of MICE tourism.
Tour operators need a system of training programs with focus on the regional demands.

Representatives of tourism companies mentioned that “what education can suggest us is advanced training in English, trainings on how to serve clients, forecast the clients’ demands, make correct prognoses so that they justified themselves”.

The range of needs:

  • Lack of English language competence (regardless the specifics of professional activities: guides, museum staff, top managers of tourism companies, hotel managers, restaurant managers and others.
  • Basics of marketing activities (lack of accessible information about the population’s needs in the concrete tourism services) creates the need in independent calculations and prognoses of the services in need.
  • Basics of communication psychology and development of intercultural communication skills.
  • It is necessary to carry out sociological monitoring, aimed at the tourism industry.
  • The level of available information among heads and employees of tourism organizations about the state of tourism sphere.
  • Need in contacts with international partners.
  • Necessity in advanced training studies.
  • It is necessary to have systematized information about the region’s demand in MICE-services.

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