Russia - Murmansk

arxangelsk03_1.jpgIt is necessary to have sustainable cooperation of business organizations and companies, realizing services within MICE-tourism.

"Cooperation should be built on the objective and up-to-date information about the relevant business activities and demand in the corresponding services: catering, leisure activities, transportation and so on. On the other hand, business organizations should have an idea about MICE services which the region can suggest."

It is necessary to have a higher level of development of road and transportation infrastructure (system of comfortable and cost effective hotels, campings, parking places, petrol stations, shops, etc.) While the tourism infrastructure of Murmansk and other big towns is a rather developed net of objects of accommodation (hotels), trade enterprises and public catering, the road and transportation infrastructure of the border territory do not meet the needs not only of foreign tourists but also Russian citizens. Lack of number of motels and campings, car parking places, petrol stations and trading companies, low quality of provided services and high level of prices are a serious obstacle for developing incoming tourism.

t is necessary:

  • To study the tourists’ need in these services
  • To create the system of comfortable and price-efficient hotels, campings and car parking places, realizing a range of accompanying services (sale of goods, products, providing good-quality catering, presence of sanitary-hygienic rooms and others)
  • Building the roads with use of high-quality expensive toppings which do not need regular reconstructions.

Increase in incoming tourism in the Murmansk region, widening business contacts with organizations from Finland, Norway, Sweden, needs easier visa procedures for citizens of the Murmansk region. Special difficulties occurred in connection with getting  multi-visa (for 2-3 years). It makes sense to introduce visa-free regime for representatives of organizations which have long-term cooperation agreements with partners from these countries.

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