Instructions for authors of book reviews    

Barents Studies welcomes reviews on recent regionally relevant books. Book reviews may be both solicited or unsolicited. The authors of unsolicited reviews should contact the editor-in-chief before submitting a review in to check the relevance and suitability of the book to be reviewed.

The length of the book reviews should be 800-1000 words. 


Contents of the book review

The book review should not only summarise the content of the book but evaluate it and its contribution to the field:
o What is the purpose of the book?
o What is its general argument?
o Who are the intended audience and how useful is the book for its field?
o What is the significance of the book in comparison to others in the field?
o What is the relevance of the book for Barents studies in general?



The bibliographical details of the reviewed book should be presented as follows:

Monica Tennberg (ed.)
Politics of Development in the Barents Region.
Rovaniemi, Lapland University Press, 2012. 384 p.



Please adhere to the following guidelines:

1. The text should be double-spaced throughout, pages numbered and with wide margins. Text should be standard Times New Roman font 12 point. The book reviews should be submitted in Word DOC or RTF format.
2. Book reviews should be written in British English. The preferred source is the Oxford English Dictionary. Non-English authors are encouraged to seek professional editing help before submitting the review.


Author details 

Please include your name, affiliation and contact information (email and postal address).



Book reviews should be submitted via email to the editor-in-chief of the issue. Please check the contact details in the current call for papers. 

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