Tourism in the Murmansk region

The Murmansk region is one of the largest and most developed areas of the North of the Russian Federation. The Murmansk region has significant tourist potential.

What can be attractive for guests of the Murmansk region? The Kola Peninsula itself and all the waters surrounding it are the richest places for fishing. There are about 21.000 rivers, 100.000 lakes with different species of fish on the Kola Peninsula.

The most interesting cities for tourists are: Murmansk - the administrative centre of the region; Kirovsk - the mining industry centre and Kandalaksha - one of the oldest settlements in the Murmansk region.

The Kola Peninsula can also satisfy all the tastes of hunter demands. The varied character of the landscape, great number of different types of wild animals and birds create a great possibility for hunting activity.

Skiing holidays have always been popular on the Kola Peninsula and it attracts a lot of tourist. The most suitable time of the year for skiing is March and April. The weather is sunny and is not so changeable as always. The Khibiny Mountains attracts mountaineers and rock-climbers.

National parks

There are three main national parks in the Murmansk region, they are the Kandalakshsky State Nature Reserve, the Laplandsky National park, the Pasvik Nature Reserve.  There are about 15 other smaller national parks in the region. The Polar Alpine Botanical Garden is also very popular among tourists of the Kola Peninsula. There is the unique collection of plants from different countries in the Garden.

Lots of opportunities from hiking and fishing to downhill skiing

There is an opportunity to be engaged in many kinds of tourism in the Murmasnk region. There’s sport fishing, hunting, river tourism, mountain tourism, mountain climbing, downhill skiing, skiing, kite-skiing, walking and bicycling. People can hike across the wild taiga and tundra and have a rest on the clear river banks. Anyone who is interested in visiting an unspoiled northern landscape and doing some great camping and hiking should make this their destination.

Kirovsk is situated at the root of the Khibiny Mountains which are the highest mountains in Kola Peninsula. Kirovsk is the biggest downhill ski centre in the region. There are some downhill ski centres also near Olenegorsk. Murmansk region downhill ski centres prices are cheaper compared to others downhill ski centres in Europe.

To fishermen the most popular fishes are salmon, Atlantic salmon, trout and salmon trout. Salmon fishing rivers are: Umba, Varzuga, Kitsa, Ponoi, Iokanga, Vostochnaja Litsa, Zapandnaja Litsa, Harlovka, Rynda, Kola and Tuloma.

For river drifting there’s plenty of opportunities in the Murmansk region. Rapids and long beautiful rivers suit excellently for kayaking. You can explore the impenetrable deserts of the Murmansk region drifting down the rivers . Almost all the Murmansk region rivers suit for it. The best known rivers are the Tumcha and the Kutsa.

Museums and culture

There are many historical memorials and museums in the in Kola (the Church of the Annunciation built in 1807 by the order of Catherine the Great), in ?irovsk (the mineral museum, the Church built in honour of Kazan Mother of God Icon in 1946), in Petchenga (the Church of Boris and Gleb built in 1565, the museum of Pechenga region history). The Apatity geological museum is very popular.  From Murmansk you can find the Murmansk regional museum of local lore, Murmansk regional art museum, Naval museum of the Northern Fleet in Murmansk and municipal museums.
There are more 500 memorials in Murmansk and the Murmansk region. All of them are devoted to the history. If you are interested in the history of Russia you will find all the stages of its development reflected in memorials here.

There are several ancient labyrinths and rock paintings found on the Kola Peninsula sea-coast near the settlements of Umba, Ponoi, Harlovka and Zahrebetny.

Lovozero museum exhibition of Lapps way of life is of great interest to tourists. There are many Lappish cult stones found on Lovozero environs.
The Pomors (White Sea coast-dwellers) culture main memories are on the Terski coast of the White Sea. The most well-known among them is the wooden Church of the Assumption. It has a hipped roof as many churches have in Northern Russia. An ancient wooden iconostasis is kept well in the church.

Many different festivals and competitions are held traditionally on the Kola Peninsula. The most popular among them are the Festival of the North, Slavonic Writing and Culture Day, Fisherman’s Day and some holidays, such as "Good morning, Sun!" (which is especially actual after the Polar night) and "Goodbye, winter!".

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