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Air traffic

Bus routes and timetables


Ferries and boats

  • Norway
    • Timetable 177 - Online timetable for Troms and Finnmark
    • The Costal Steamer (Hurtigruta) - The World’s most beautiful voyage. Travel-planner, prices and facts.
    • Finnmark County Boats - Local boats timetables in Finnmark.
    • Nordland - boatsferries
    • Senjaferries - From Senja to Andenes, Harstad and Brensholme.
    • OVDS - Nordland County. Car ferries and fast ferries, time-tables, online booking. 
    • TFDS - Troms County. Car ferries, fast ferries, time-tables, maps and facts.
    • Torghatten Trafikkselskap (Southern Nordland County). Ferries and fast ferries.
  • Sweden
    • RG Line - ferries between Umeå, Sweden and Vaasa, Finland
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