Travelling in the Barents region

Tourism plays today an important part in the economy of the Barents region and the promotion of tourism accross national borders also strengthens human contacts. 

The weather and light conditions changing from the midnight Sun in the summer to the period of darkness in the winter with the difference in temperature from +30 C to -40 C offers lots of possibilities and experiences for the people arriving here.

The rich and diverse cultural life also offers memorable experiences for the tourists.

Tourism portals

Highlights in the Finnish part of the Barents region


Highlights in the Norwegian part of the Barents Region


Highlights in the Russian part of the Barents Region


Highlights in the Swedish part of the Barents Region

  • Icehotel
    Imagine a hotel built from thousands of tons of snow and ice, and re-built every winter - that is Icehotel, in the small village of Jukkasjärvi in northern Lapland, Sweden. 
  • Teknikens Hus
    A whole world of technology and exciting place for the curious of all ages.
  • Gammestad church town - a world heritage
    The city of Luleå was founded around the old church in the 17th century.
  • Inlandsbanan - the Inland Railway Line
  • Welcome to Guldriket - a journey through the history of people, work and mining in the Skellefteå district in the northern part of Västerbotten
  • Ostens Hus - a tasteful destination.
    The permanent exibition in Ostens Hus (the house of the cheese) tells the story and the myths behind the Västerbottensost, the world-famous cheese from Västerbotten.
  • Visit Umeå
    Historical and modern sights in the region of Umeå


Getting visa

Travelling to Russian and also traveling from Russia to Finland, Norway or Sweden you need a valid visa.





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