Photos from the Barents region


Photos - Finland

  • Travellers in Lapland - Northern culture in pictures - Alvar Aalto in Lapland, Acerbi’s travel in Lapland and the degree measurement by de Maupertuis
  • Tutkijoiden Lappi - Photos of 1800s exploration North of researchers in Lapland. The Fourth International Polar Year is celebrated in the years 2007-2008, which will mark the 125 years of the first International Polar Year 1882-1883. The Oulu University Library has produced info "Researchers in Lapland", which presents photographs of the data collected by the first International Polar Year period, as well as the Kola Lapland-oriented exploration the years 1887 and 1889. - only in Finnish.
  • Leuku Photo Agency - photo agency for twelve photographers from Lapland. Thousands of photos can be browsed and bought. The site is in English/Finnish.
  • LappiKuva - photographer Jani Kärppä.
  • Jaakko Heikkilä - photos from the Barents Region, Scotland and New York.
  • Pohjoinen valokuvakeskus - Northern photo centre, Oulu. In Finnish.
  • Polku – northern photographers’ gallery
  • Jorma Mylly - photographer from Oulu. In Finnish.
  • Jari Mikkola - metamorphosis in photography. Sound and video. In Finnish.
  • Veikko Vasama - nature photographer. Gallery, in Finnish, English.
  • Rovaniemen kameraseura 
  • -service contains a large sample of  electric mediafiles from the city of Rovaniemi.
  • Veikko Stöckel - photos from Rovaniemi
  • Aurora Borealis – the northern lights
  • Nomads’ Land: Finland -Lapland - A photo gallery of summer and winter landscapes.


 Photos - Norway


Photos - Russia


Photos - Sweden


General photo albums related to the Arctic regions

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