Premiere of the Documentary "Homes without borders" in Murmansk

TV Murman has produced a TV documentary about mixed marriages. The film will be premiered at the TV-Festival “The Northern character” in Murmansk, 21-23. November 2013.

The 30-minute long documentary was shot in Finland, Norway and Russia during summer 2013. The film will also be aired on channel “Russia 1” in the beginning of January, 2014. The documentary was produced by TV Murman and Base element, and funded by the Barents Mediasphere project.

Nastya and Osmo Kolu (Murmansk, Russia)
Rita and Erkki Oikarinen (Kemijarvi, Finland)
Lena and Gjermund Bahr (Lofoten islands, Norway)
Luba and Steinar Danielsen (Kirkenes, Norway)

The Northern Character Festival

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