Barents Road Safety Forum : Activities & Reports 

Activities & Reports -  Organization & Contact - Statistics - Strategy & Action plan


The zip files contains meeting documents like agendas, memorandums and photos.


  • January Annual Meeting with Traffic Safety Forum in Finland
  • February Work Training DoU in Sweden
  • Speed and friction seminar in Norway
  • ROADEX seminar in Arkhangelsk, Russia


  • 24-25 January Annual Meeting with Traffic Safety Forum in Tromsö
  • 1 February STBR Road Corridors meeting in St Petersburg
  • 5-7 February meeting Vegvesen + Murmanskavtodor
  • 8 February ROADEX meeting in Finland
  • 26/2-2/3 Work training Road Data Base in Sweden
  • 2-5 April Komi TS meeting
  • 26 April meeting with TS Forum in Luleå
  • 11-13 May Intensive road control of younger drivers
  • 8-9 June Traffic Safety Days in Arkhangelsk i +TS-revision seminar
  • September Alcohol and drugs seminar in Murmansk
  • 10-11 September Barents Regional Roag Directors Meeting in Arkhangelsk
  • Oktober Seminar Road Data Base in Karelen
  • November ROADEX seminar in Komi
  • Annual meeting with traffic safety forum [zip file]
  • Work experience in Sweden, Road Data 2007 [zip file]
  • 2+1 meeting in Komi, April 2007  [word file]  
  • Road maintenance in Finland, Norway, Russia and Sweden [zip file]


  • Work experience in Sweden, TS [zip file]
  • Alkohol och trafiksäkerhet i Arkangelsk [zip file]
  • Traffic Safety Day in Murmansk, September 7-8, 2006 [zip file]
  • Barents Regional Road Directors Conference, Tromsö [zip file]
  • Annual Meeting with Road Safety Forum in Barents region [zip file]
  • Prevention of road-transport accidents caused by impaired driving [zip file 200 Mb]
  • Memorandum of understanding Komi Road Agency and Nothern region [zip file ]
  • July, Tomsk, management and maintenance seminar
  • Augusti, Russian film in Bodö
  • 12 September, Norway TS-action – Seat belt
  • 21-22 September, TS conference in St. Petersburg
  • 29/1--1 November, ROADEX conference in Karelen
  • 11-15 December, VVIS seminar


  • Children road traumatism prevention, Arkhangelsk [zip file]
  • Bridge opening in Murmansk [zip file]
  • Djupstudiekonferens i Luleå [zip file]
  • Conference death in road traffic in Luleå [zip file]
  • Besök i Komi [zip file]
  • Traffic safety conference in Syktyvkar
  • Traffic safety conference in Murmansk [word file]
  • Russian movie Zero Vision [word file]
  • Barents Regional Road Directors Conference, Tromsö  [zip file]
  • Barents Regional Road Directors Conference in Luleå (2004, 2005)  [zip file ]


  • Traffic Safety conference in Tromsö [zip file ]


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