Barents Road Safety Forum

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Our vision

"Safer and simpler to travel and carry out transports in the Barents Region" through:

  • A common view on road safety endeavours
  • Learning from one another
  • Concrete measures
  • Widespread commitment.

These pages will be updated later and more information will be added here. The information will cover activities and reports, calendar, statistics, strategy and action plans dealing with traffic safety.

The Barents Road Safety Forum is a stakeholder organisation intended to promote the work on road safety in the Barents Region. It was originally founded in 2001 by road authorities in the region and has now developed into an umbrella organisation for road safety endeavours. All players active in the field of road safety are welcome to become members.

The Barents Road Safety Forum endeavours to make transports in the Barents Region safer and simpler.
The intention is to contribute to positive development in the region through better road safety. Efficient and progressive work on road safety demands well-functioning co-operation and common objectives.

It is expected that international traffic will increase in the future. This increase entails frequent meetings between different traffic cultures and types of road user behaviour, which results in a greater risk of accidents.

Our ambition is to work for a steadily decreasing number of road deaths, despite the expected growth in traffic.

Long-term objective

A 25% reduction in the number of road fatalities in the region by the year 2010; in other words a maximum of 645 as compared to 861 in 2004.

What are we doing?

We have developed a well-functioning network within the following focus areas:

  • Traffic safety for children
  • Alcohol and drugs
  • Driver education
  • Road maintenance
  • Heavy goods traffic
  • Road safety analyses


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