Media in the Barents region

Access to information and freedom of speach are two of the most basic rights in the democratic society. But cross-border information is not always easy to find. Difference in culture, historical roots, society and languages are just some of the obstacles to overcome.

Many national journalists organizations in Finland, Norway, Russia and Sweden works to explore ways to create conditions that allow an independent print and broadcast media. The Barents Press International  is the only organization working in all four contries to assist journalists in their daily reporting and assisting journalists across the borders in our northern region.

News and services


  • Barents Press International - a journalistic network in the Barents region, since 1995. Main principles are to work for the freedom of speech and publicity.
  • Nordisk Journalistcenter - offers courses for journalists in the Nordic countries, as well as in the Baltic region and Russia. NJC was founded 1957 under the Nordic Council of Ministers.
  • Reporters without borders - section on journalism in Russia

E-publications & Newsletters

TV Murman reporters


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