Universities and Polytechnics in Finland

Polytechnics in Kainuu regionLapland regionOulu region.


University of Lapland - Lapin Yliopisto

University of Oulu - Oulun Yliopisto

University of Helsinki - Helsingin Yliopisto

  • Muddusjärvi Research Station, Muddusjärven opetus- ja tutkimustila.
    FI-99910 Kaamanen  tel. +358 16 672 751  fax. (0)16-672 843
  • Värriö Subarctic Research Center - Värriön tutkimusasema.
    FI-98800 Savukoski (P.O.Box 333, 90571 Oulu). tel./fax. (0)16-844 143

University of Turku - Turun Yliopisto


Polytechnics in Finland

Kainuu region

Lapland region

Oulu region


  • The Sámi Education Institute  - is a secondary degree school which provides a variety of vocational training in both Finnish and Sámi, as well as promoting Sámi culture in the whole of the Sámi region.

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