International Study programs and projects

  • University of the Arctic - an international non-governmental organization dedicated to higher education in and about the Circumpolar North. University of the Arctic programs strive to provide northern residents with a unique and diverse education that will open opportunities for growth, research and sustainable practices in the North. 
  • Arctic Studies Program Arctic Centre and the Univerisity of Lapland. The program’s approach is multidisciplinary, and provides comprehensive knowledge of physical, environmental, social, cultural and legal aspects of the Arctic. In addition to the courses the students do individual research in Arctic issues under the supervision of Arctic Centre’s senior scientists.
  • Circumpolar Universities Association - an organ for cooperation between universities and other institutes of higher learning and research in the northern circumpolar region of the world.
  • Hello Norden is an information service for people who move from one Nordic country to another and may encounter problems of various sorts. Hello Norden helps you to locate the appropriate authority that can provide you with the answers.



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