Higher Education and Research in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region

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Each year, hundreds of Scandianvian and Russian scientists participates in exchanges and cooperative research across the Barents Region. Within such diverse scientific fields as physics, energy, ocean studies, environment, social science and health. Efforts are underway to strengthen and broaden scientific cooperation within the Barents Region from which all sides derive benefits.

More and more students finds it interesting to participate in the different exchange programmes between the Universities and schools for higher education in other parts of the Barents Region. Norwegian students goes to Arkhangelsk, Swedish students finds interesting educational programmes in Northern Finland and Russian students can go to Bodø in northern Norway to study economics. You will be surprised to see the wide range of academic and professional exchange programs already going on in this northern corner of Europe.

Going as a student to another Barents country will not only give you an uniqe education within your field of interest; you will also get valuable insights and experience as you learn about each others langues, society and culture. In this section you can learn more about the education and research cooperation in the Barents Region.


Universities, polytechnics and other education


Research institutes in the Barents region: Finland, Norway, Russia and Sweden.

Libraries in the Polar regions

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