Business services


  • Finrusresearch - tukee tiedonvaihtoa Venäjän markkinoille suuntautuvien suomalaisyritysten ja Venäjä-tutkimusta tekevien suomalaisten yliopistojen ja tutkimuslaitosten välillä.
  • Barents Center Finland - Suomen Barentskeskus - Barents Center is a non-profit, match-making organization. It is actively involved in education and in Research and Development activities. It gathers, assembles, creates and refines information in the Barents Euro Arctic Region for the special needs of business, education and administration.
  • Barents Consulting Oy - palveluita yrityksille Venäjän suuntaisen yhteistyön käynnistämisessä ja kehittämisessä.
  • Oulu Regional Business Agency - business consulting, business incubator services, business training, and development projects
  • Ministry of Trade and Industry - information on promotion of export, for example relief fund for SME project preparations
  • Finpro - a consulting organization focused on accelerating the internationalization of Finnish companies while managing the risks involved. Finpro carries out this national task through a client-oriented approach in co-operation with other service organizations working towards the same goals
  • Tekes - The main public funding organisation for research and development in Finland. Tekes funds industrial projects as well as projects in research organisations, and especially promotes innovative, risk-intensive projects
  •  Invest in Finland - expert service organisation promoting foreign direct investment in Finland
  • Fintra - trainer in international business management. 
  • Elinkeinoyhtiö InLike Oy -  sisältää yritysten perustamis- ja kehittämisneuvonnan sekä kansainvälistymispalvelut. Palveluita tuotetaan yhteistyössä Lapin TE-keskuksen kanssa. Only in finnish
  • Mikkeli Polytechnic The Russia Team of the International Office - offers concrete support for companies entering the Russian market
  • Norja-asiamies Suomessa / Norgesombudet i Finland - tiedotusta Norjasta mm. yrityksille.
  • Salla CBC Centre - logistics, marketing and developing services for cross-border business.
  • Finnish Export Credit Ltd (FEC) is an internationally notified official Export Credit Agency and a wholly owned subsidiary of Finnvera plc. FEC administers on behalf of the Finnish Government the interest equalisation scheme for officially supported export credits and domestic ship financing at CIRRs (Commercial Interest Reference Rate) in accordance with the OECD Arrangement. FEC also provides export credits when a withholding tax benefit can be achieved.- In English, Finnish


  • - business support in N-W Russia to Norwegian companies
  • Nortrade - official Norwegian  trade portal and export directory
  • The Bedin Internet service - to simplify the process of establishing and running business enterprises in Norway
  • Nord Pool Consulting - specialist consulting firm providing strategic and management consulting services within the electricity business world wide
  • Innovation Norway - promotes nationwide industrial development profitable to both the business economy and Norways national economy, and helps release the potential of different districts and regions by contributing towards innovation, internationalisation and promotion
  • The Brønnøysund Register Centre  -  a government body under the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry, and consists of several different national computerised registers
  • Ministry of Trade and Industry
  • Interforum partners’ -  provide advisory services and operative business development
  • GIEK is the central governmental agency responsible for furnising guarantees and insurance of export credits. The Institute’s primary function is to promote export of Norwegian goods and services and Norwegian investment abroad. In English, Norwegian
  • Eksportfinans is the Norwegian Export Credit Agency -  the joint institution of the banks and the Norwegian Government - whose purpose is to develop and offer competitive, long-term financial services to the export industries and the local government sector.  In English, Norwegian, Japan
  • Vardø ProMor - A business Development Company in Vardø . Presentation in English.
  • Business opportunities in Arctic Europe - Map of oil and gas deposits in the Barents region





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