Information on towns of the Murmansk oblast and Republic of Karelia

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  • Alakurtti - about the village, history, nature, photos.
  • Photos in flickr





Murmansk (engpyc)


Nickel (Wikipedia: Nikkelitranslator)

  • Tourist info - hotels, restaurants and tourism companies - in English
  • Photos in flickr


  • Olenogorks portal - administration, photos, companies, telephone catalogues, history
  • Olenegorsk - informal urban site (translator)
  • Long-distance telephone code: 81552

Polyarnyie Zori


  • Translator - administration, contacts
  • Photos
  • Long-distance telephone code: 81551

Closed Cities of the Murmansk Region (ZATO map)

In the Murmansk Region there are several so-called "Closed Administrative Territorial Formation", or ZATO (zakrytye administrativno-territorial’nye obrazovaniia). During the Cold War they were often referred to as the "Secret Cities." All of the closed cities in the Murmansk region holds naval bases of the Northern fleet. They are know under different names. Today’s offical name is listed first. In addition to Polyarnyy and Severomorsk, there are four closed cities:  Ostrovnoy (Gremikha, Murmansk-140),  Zaozersk (Zapdnaya Litsa, Murmansk-150), Skalistyy (Gadzhievo, Murmansk-130) and Snezhogorsk (Murmansk-60). Some of the ZATO have their own offical web-sites (only in Russian):

Severomorsk (translator)


Republic of Karelia

Republic of Karelia -  see machine-translated version in English (google translator) - Internet guide to information services on the Republic of Karelia (translator)

Karelian tourism portal - Tourist Information Center is a new form for providing tourism-related information and interacting with travel industry.

Maps of Karelia - Karelia on the map of Northern Europe; map of administrative division;map of population density;  Transportation;Tourist companies and Attractions;cultural institutions; museums (translator)


Kostomuksha (translator)

Lakhdenpokhya (Lahdenpohja) - Background information: the history of the city and its environs, the events of contemporary life, information on individual companies and institutions, photo gallery, the work of urban art school students, etc.

Medvezhyegorsk  - information about city: history and photographs of the city; timetable of trains. (translator)

Sortavala - information about villages in the Republic of Karjala and history of Karelia

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