was a project of Lapland University Consortium (LUC) that aimed to find new models to produce and disseminate information concerning the Barents Region, that serves businesses as well as higher education institutions, researchers and decision makers on different levels.

The project was implemented during 1.8.2009–30.6.2012. Here you will find material produced during the project (publications, reports) as well as sources of further information on the Barents Region.


I Development of a service model for R&D activities
A “think tank” based model for providing information on the Barents region that serves businesses as well as higher education institutions and decision makers on different levels, in order to strengthen interaction and dialogue between different stakeholders in Lapland.

II Development of a comprehensive information system
Finding ways to popularize knowledge regarding the economic and social life of the Barents for businesses operating in the region. Providing a platform for discussion between various actors, thus enhancing cross-border cooperation in the Barents region.

III Establishment of a pool of experts
According to the LUC strategy, increasing consciousness and knowledge about the Arctic and Barents areas among staff and students of LUC. Enhancing the exploitation of Barents expertise and networking of experts. Putting students in touch with economic and political life in the Barents region.

Target groups

- Primary: LUC staff members: researchers, teachers, Barents experts; LUC students
- Secondary: Entrepreneurs and local authorities in Lapland


- Identifying and strengthening of Barents expertise in LUC
- Organizing seminars and discussion events
(Barents Café)
- Producing articles, analyses and publications on the Barents region
- Providing information on news of the Barents region


- Bringing up diverse topics related to the Barents Region and increased dialogue through seminars directed to staff and students as well as Barents Café discussion events.  Barents Café will continue in autumn 2012 organized by the Arctic center.
- The service model, where entrepreneurs could command surveys and theses from higher education institutions, should be developed further, provided that the entrepreneurs’ interest in the region increases.
- Spreading information on the Barents Region through expert articles, current affairs reviews, studies and discussion events.
- The Barents-experts among the LUC staff were offered networking opportunities in Finland as well as abroad. Lectures, student assignments and an international conference made use of staff expertise to benefit student – who in their turn will be future experts.
- Barents studies were tested with success especially in International business services –programme in Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences and Faculty of social sciences of Lapland University. Also Business students from the Kemi-Tornio UAS participated in project events. The Barents studies are planned to be implemented during the next academic year 2012-2013 as well.


Total 465 620 euros by the European Social Fund, the Lapland Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment and the Lapland University Consortium


ThinkBarents project presentation poster (pdf)

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