Finland - Finnish Lapland

In Finland, safety and quality of tourism products and services are of a fairly good standard and the need for constant progress is commonly acknowledged. Market- and potential customer knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of the current tourism offerings in the Barents Region are vital first steps for the creation of joint tourism products.  Furthermore, the central role of the operating environment was pointed out. Regarding the multiplier effect and the economic significance of the sector in Finnish Lapland, the entrepreneurs favor minimized negative competition and bureaucratic restrictions.

In Finnish Lapland, the weak summer season is a major problem for the tourism industry. Work-related tourism and interregional round tours in cooperation with other Barents Region operators are a possible remedy. Joint product packages, combining  different features and areas of the Barents Region offer an expedient to more easily salable and feasible solutions in order to serve both, the seller’s goals and the buyer’s needs. Benchmarking and matchmaking activities are tools to provide opportunities for learning from each other’s best practices and for finding future business partners.

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