Finland - Finnish Lapland

In Finnish Lapland, networking between different tourism operators is seen very crucial and advantageous. The tourism practioners are highly interested in interregional business-to-business cooperation and networking. However, so far it has been difficult to find partners for cooperation. The data reveals that

  • Creating networks and cooperation partnerships is challenging especially with Russian partners as finding and engaging  with them must happen through personal networking activities and visits
  • The entrepreneurs state that  they do not  have adequate information on whom to contact nor what kind of  possibilities and interest for cooperation there exists.
  • A database supplying contact information and short description of the companies providing an intermediary channel for finding cooperation partners.
  • Joint Barents travel fair or forum for making personal contacts and finding potential business partners from within the Barents Region.
  • Finnish operators are interested in cooperation especially wtih travel organizers and agencies.

Regional organizations have a big role in supporting and advancing networking and cooperation in Finnis Lapland. The public authorities are said to have a significant intermediary power in assembling tourism operators together. Espicially regional marketing organizations are experienced to be beneficial for their stakeholders. Also, different projects and cooperation with educational institutions have been positive experiences for the entrepreneurs but at the same time, more pragmatic and concrete results are expected from the cooperation. Also, the entrepreneurs expect more active stand from the public counterparts in the initiation of the cooperation.

The practioners feel that the challenges can be overcome by developing tourism industry in tandem with the region's public and private sector. However, it is experienced that the actual cooperation should be of business-to-business nature. Complex legislation and taxation were seen to hinder general business operations and cooperation. The involment of regional organizations and public authorities is important but their work should be intensified, clarified and the results made more pragmatic in order to serve the practioners on a daily level.

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