Norway - Northern Norway

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The tourism companies in Northern Norway highlight improvement and development of the regional infrastructure as a big priority. Non-sufficient regional infrastructure is a significant obstacle to further development of tourism. It is a big challenge for the companies, and a large number of them feel that they are in a vulnerable situation in terms of infrastructure. 

“A huge threat is that public infrastructure isn’t good enough today”.

The region is highly dependent on the airports and on the Hurtigruten, and that this makes the regional tourism industry fragile. Improving and developing the infrastructure in Northern Norway will make the region more accessible having a great impact on the tourism industry.
A better infrastructure is also necessary in order to develop tourism cross-border cooperation in the Barents Region and to take advantage of what the region has to offer. 

“I see that there are great possibilities in developing more extensive cooperation within the Barents Region, but this depends upon, among other things, a better developed infrastructure (...) This will be crucial in order to fully use the potential that lies here”.

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