Barents Studies 3/2015

Barents Studies Vol. 1, Issue 3. Espiritu, Aileen A.; Tennberg, Monica; Riabova, Larissa (2015) 



Moving forward: strengthening cooperation in today’s Barents Region
Espiritu, Aileen Aseron



Legal tools of public participation in the Environmental Impact Assessment process and their application in the countries of the Barents Euro-Arctic Region
Nenasheva, Marina; Bickford, Sonja H.; Lesser, Pamela; Koivurova, Timo; Kankaanpää, Paula

The right to mine? Discourse analysis of social impact assessments of mining projects in Finnish Lapland in the 2000s
Suopajärvi, Leena             

Glocalisation of global market forces and the repositioning of a peripheral Russian mining community
Suutarinen, Tuomas
The need to know: governing a region and its economy
Tennberg, Monica    


Book Review

Border life
Wara, Tatiana     


Young Researchers of the Barents Region

Vola, Joonas
The importance of material and visual culture of ordinary objects should be more profoundly emphasised in the field of political science

Goytia Casermeiro, Susana
I focus my research on water as a hazard

Banul, Karolina
​​My research goal is to provide data with a comparative potential that could offer some insights for urban development in selected cities in the Arctic
Goes, Sander
My research interest is primarily related to environmental management practices



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