Barents Studies Vol. 1 Issue 2, 2014                                                                                           


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On the way
Larissa Riabova


How neighbours communicate: the role of language in border relations
Sonni Olsen                                                                    

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ISSN 2324-0652

Social licence for the utilization of wild berries in the context of local traditional rights and the interests of the berry industry
Rainer Peltola, Ville Hallikainen, Seija Tuulentie, Arto Naskali, Outi Manninen and Jukka Similä


Research Communication

Strategic planning at the municipal level: Russian challenges and Nordic practices
Vladimir Dyadik

Book review

Science and politics intertwined – Case studies from the polar regions (Hanna Lempinen)
Book review: Sverker Sörlin (ed.) Science, Geopolitics and Culture in the Polar Regions: Norden Beyond Borders


Young researchers of the Barents Region

The Sámi became naturized in the wake of the territorial colonization
Tore Anderson Hjulman

The purpose of social policy in the Northern and Arctic regions of Russia should be to improve the quality of human capital by investing in the well-being of the population
Elena Korchak


My research focus is to understand social aspects of nature-based tourism in relation to local practices
Gaute Svensson


Cultural, social and political ideas and practices are often shaped by religion
Sandra Wallenius-Korkalo