The Barents Region for Journalists

Why would anybody be interested in the Barents Region and what is special about it? Here are two possible answers.

  • Official cooperation. This seldom offers major news stories but it is good to understand as a background. Without it this region would miss much of its current character as an international periphery which very often does not feel like a periphery. It also binds Russian and Nordic regions together in a way that does not happen anywhere else. More info on and

  • Interesting stories. The list is long: mining, military, the Sami, reindeers, fish, Santa Claus, cultural happenings everywhere, tourism, nuclear issues, berry picking, transport, investments, emptiness – whatever. You can pick your subject; there are so many stories.


For a journalist, good stories are always more important than any official stuff. We who live here know that this region is unique in Europe and full of interesting things. Take your time and find out why. Our web site is here to offer you some ideas.

Facts about the Barents region







Transporting ore in the Arvidsjaur mine in northern Sweden. Photo Erland Segerstedt

Mining plays an important role in the local economy in
many parts of the Barents region. This photo by
Erland Segerstedt is from the Arvidsjaur mine in
the Northern Sweden.

Data journalism - Pacthwork Barents

A data portal which offers public data and gives visualization tools and possibility to upload your own data to create interactive graphics and maps.




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