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SallaGate Conference in Murmansk

During the 3 years Salla Gate project more than 30 subj-projects were implemented, the seminar was arranged in Murmansk on November 17th, 2014.
TV Murman, 17.11.2014

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Murmansk department of Red Cross helps refugees

Murmansk regional department of “Russian Red Cross” asks the Northern citizens to help refugees, specially men’s clothes and food are needed.
TV Murman, 22.8.2014

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Re-opening of the Arctica Hotel

Reconstruction of the Arctica Hotel in Murmansk is coming to the end. A new multi-function hotel-business centre will open in early September.
TV Murman, 1.8.2014


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The Navy Day in Severomorsk 28.7.2014 

The Day of Navy was celebrated in Severomorsk. The Supreme of armed forces of Russian Federation participated the holiday for the first time. Vladimir Putin watched the naval parade from the board of the aircraft carrier cruiser “Kuznetsov”.

TV Murman, 28.7.2014

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Ships of the Northern Fleet returned to the base in Severomorsk from the far voyage

TV Murman, 19.5.2014

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Finnmark and Murmansk enhance cooperation

Murmansk region and Norwegian province Finnmark are enlarging their cross-border cooperation.

TV Murman 19.5. 2014

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Valley of Glory

The Valley of Glory, during the war fascists called it a Valley of Death, is a scared place for citizens of Murmansk region. The most cut-throat battles for Kola Zapolyarie took place here. Here the German army which burst to Murmansk was stopped.

TV Murman 8.5. 2014

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Fishing industry of Murmansk

The federal programme on fishing industry development in Russia was approved. A young fishing boat captain is interviewed.

TV Murman, 25.4.2014


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Nuclear ice-breaker Yamal

 Yamal ice-breaker will leaves the Atomflot habour and start its Arctic expedition Shelf 2014.
TV Murman 8.4. 2014


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The vice-Governor of Murmansk region visits Oslo. 

The goal of the trip was to promote cooperation in oil-gas sector and on ecological issues.

TV Murman, 28.3.2014

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Digital library "Kola North"

More than 400 books and other material on the local history are now available from the address

TV Murman, 14.3.2014

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Demonstration to support Russians acts at Crimea in Murmansk.

TV Murman 11.3.2014

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Sochi Paralympic games and Murmansk 

TV Murman 27.2.2014

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Unique icon exhibition opened in Murmansk

TV Murman, 24.2.2014

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Public hearings in Liinahamari

Building of an oil terminal was the topic of the public hearing in Liinahammari
The project will be under ecological expertise in the near future. But the settlement’s citizens were unhappy with the plans.

TV Murman, 24.01.2014

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Library for the blind

The readers of Murmansk special regional library for visually impaired celebrated the 205th anniversary since the birth day of a French, Lui Brile, who had invented a special print for blind people 190 years ago, who had given them his literature and the main thing – who had given them a chance to feel them normal people.

TV Murman, 23.1.2014

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Snow village in Kirovsk

TV Murman 19.12.2013. 

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 The International festival of carpenter’s art gathered masters from Finland, Norway, Karelia, Velikii Novgorod and Kola Zapolyarie in Nikel. Several centuries ago craftsmen gathered in these places for Nikola trade fair. Now they are here to celebrate a day of memory of St. Trifon of Pechenga with their art.

TV Murman, 17.12.2013

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New Years tree in Murmansk

This year the New Year tree was installed not on the Five Corners Square as usual, but in the park at the Palace named by Kirov. This is connected with reconstruction of “Arktika” Hotel.
TV Murman, 09.12.2013

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The Kola atomic station

The meeting of the Public Council on issues of safe usage of atomic energy of Murmansk region took place at Kola atomic power station. TV Murman 9.12.2013

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The scientific research vessel “Dalnie Zelentsi” in Murmansk

The ship belongs to the Murmansk Marine Biological Institute of the Kola Science Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences - MMBI. The regions of research are the Northern territories of the Barents Sea. 
The scientists spent 17 days on the Barents Sea and they collected new data about biological communities, particularly, data about phytoplankton in the period of the Polar night, which started in the high latitudes.

TV Murman, 29.11.2013

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Protection of the Arctic from atmospheric pollution

Where is there a black cover on Murmansk windows from? Where is there toxic formaldehyde in Monchegorsk from? What does the West wind bring to us? It was the main theme of the conference “Arctic protection of atmosphere pollution”.
TV Murman, 29.11.2013

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The Polar Star Theatre Festival
The 7th international festival of theatres “The Polar Star” arranged by the Regional Drama Theatre and supported by the Regional Government was arranged in Murmansk. During the week the audience enjoyed performances of the best teams of Murmansk, guests from St. Petersburg and Moscow, from a brother country Ukraine and a sunny Armenia
TV Murman, 25.11.2013

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The White Whales

New inhabitants of the White Sea. Twenty white whales appeared in open-air cages of Nilmaguba. The animals are from the Sea of Okhotsk.

TV Murman, 21.11.2013

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Floating dock in Saida Guba

Vessel Volodarskii holding radioactive waste was taken to a floating dock for repairing.

TV Murman, 8.11.2013

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 Olympic Fire on the North Pole

The Olympic Fire visited the Northern Pole travelling aboard the ice-breaker “50 Let Pobedy”.
“There are only lights of ice-breaker projectors out of the captain’s bridge window. The Polar Night is on the Northern Pole now. No expeditions were organized here at this time of a year. Neither on foot, nor aboard ice-breakers.” Mustafa Kashka, the first vice-general director of FGUP “Atomflot”

TV Murman 25.10.2013


The tourist agencies can start their projects in Arctic. The Russian Geographical Society will support them within the contract between RGS and a Federal Agency on tourist development.

Aleksey Filippov, a photographer of “RIA “News” Agency: “The Northern Pole, this is WOU! The conscience of that fact that you are sitting in a small “shell”, and there is nothing around you – but it doesn’t matter, you feel yourself as a part of a small people society, who got into here with an unclear reason, and it shouldn’t be here.”
Jens Piter Nelsen, a professor of Tromso University (Norway) “There are thousands of tourists during a summer. But the rules for tourism are very strict. For example, nature protection.”.

TV Murman 28.10.2013

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Submarine St. Petersburg 

Submarine St. Petersburg joins the Northern Fleet.

TV Murman 17.10.2013

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Atomic ice-breaker takes the Olympic fire to the North Pole from Murmansk

On the 15th of October the Olympic fire started to the North Pole. The atomic ice-breaker “50 let pobedy” will deliver it to the top of the planet. It seemed that the Murmansk weather decided to stress gravity and complexity of this mission. The shooting team of “Vesti” saw the ancient symbol of Olympic games off to the long voyage.
TV Murman 15.10.2013

17th Sami Games in Loparskaya

The participants of the Saami Autumn Games can get a feel of the real Sami games. Arbalekst shooting, lasso throwing on a reindeer, jumping over sledges and many others things were prepared for the guests by arrangers of sports competitions. 
Sami grandmother – Appolinariya Golyh is 81 years. She is makes national clothes and shoes. Evenii Larin is not Sami. But he was admired by Sami national handicrafts, Sami people culture so he started to make goods of reindeer bones, horns. He says that they carry warmness and positive energy.

Every year the traditional Saami Autumn Games are arranged in Loparskaya village. TV Murman 18.9.2013

The ice-breaker Lenin is in the harbor of Murmansk Sea Station after repairing again.

Aleksandr Barinov, a captain of the ice-breaker “Lenin” is interviewed. “We will stay here during the next 10 years, until the next repair works. You can see the ice-breaker is painted. There is a big repair inside it. It has not been finished so far. As I say to my quests, we are the only one ice-breaker which is not getting old, but getting young through the time.” TV Murman 6.9.2013

Fish-breeding on the Kola Peninsula

Fish-breeding on the Kola Peninsula is developing very intensively. More and more new projects are transforming in real business. Two salmon breeding farms were established near the Eretik and Shalim islands about a year ago. On the base of Norwegian colleagues experience the process of breeding is installed and automatized on the whole. The total livestock population is about 3 millions. The nearest and most necessary step in a production chain is opening of plant on fish processing.

TV Murman 6.9.2013

170 000 flowers planted in Murmansk

 This year a record number of flowers were planted in Murmansk, 170 000 different flowers were planted on the city flowerbeds for the short Northern summer. But to keep them turned out to be more difficult than last year because of the hot summer. (TV Murman, 22.08.2013)

Kola Partneriat for the 15th time in Murmansk.

The 15th anniversary exhibition “Kola Partneriat” opened in Murmansk. More than 100 businessmen from Murmansk region, Russia, Finland, Norway, and Sweden participated in it.

TV Murman 27.5.2013.

The Northern Fleet

The Northern Fleet celebrates the 80th anniversary this week. The Northern Fleet (Северный флот, Severnyy Flot) is a unit of the Russian Navy responsible for the defense of northwestern Russia. The fleet has access to the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans from bases on the Barents Sea. The fleet headquarters and administrative center are located at the main base at Severomorsk close to Murmansk. The fleet was established as part of the Soviet Navy in 1937. The fleet operated more than 200 submarines ranging from diesel-electric attack (SS) to nuclear-powered ballistic missile (SSBN) classes during the Soviet Era.

TV Murman 27.5.2013.

The mining industry of Murmansk region

Report on the history and the present day of the mining industry in the Murmansk Oblast.

TV Murman 20.5.2013.

 Ice-breaker ”Russia”

The ice-breaker “Russia” came to the port of its location – Murmansk after hard work in the Finnish bay. Its captain told about difficulties and types of work they did there. Vyachelsav Ruksha – a general director of “Atomflot” – tells about plans of the organization for the future. He says that the most important question for trade is maintenance of commercial speed for atomic ice-breakers.

TV Murman 18.4.2013.

The spring came, and the problems with road coverings were exposed

The season of big repairing road works is opened in Murmansk region. But in fact, drivers watch and feel only big pits so far which make them participants of outland rodeo. The road repairing and building organizations are looking forward for good tenders on the corresponding works. Where are road repairing and building works planned to carry on in the near future?

TV Murman 18.4.2013.

Traditional Murmansk competition “Namodnenie” (Fashion – competition of young designers)

19 designers and creative teams presented 28 original fashion collections. “Namodnenie” competition was born in 1999. Since that time the competition became one of the traditional events of cultural life of Murmansk region. The main purpose of it is to render assistance and support to young talented designers.

TV Murman 18.4.2013.

Reindeer vaccination in Lovozero

In Lovozero every spring reindeers are under vaccination against a hypodermic gadfly.

TV Murman 7.3.2013.


Aurora borealis

The photographer Valentin Zhiganov from Apatity created a symphony of the Northern Lights with the background music from  Russian composer Alexander Borodin.

TV Murman 12.2.2013.

International Sami day

The celebration of Sami days are traditionally arranged both in Norway,
Finland, Sweden, and in Russia.  Reindeer herding is a basic of Sami life. The Northern reindeer is quite unpretentious but the work of a reindeer herder isn’t easier because of it Besides poachers, there are predators such as wolves, bears, foxes, Arctic foxes, and wolverines.
TV Murman 6.2.2013.

The first capelin fishing season

The trawler “Nikolai Repnikov” delivered 317 tons of frozen fish to Murmansk port. The report is about fishing and forecasting fish catch.

Vladimir Rudkin, a captain of  “Nikolai Repnikov” trawler “We were lucky both with the weather and with that we were in time at the place of the capelin shoal”.
 The trawlers will usually unload a part of their catch in Murmansk. 
TV Murman 6.2.2013.

Re-training of military persons

Reserve officers are changing their professions. 23 persons have received State Diplomas at the solemn ceremony in Murmansk today. They were retrained for “Business administration” specialty at the training center of “Job Centre”.
Dmitry Tomilov, a captain 2d class, and Alexey Agapov, a captain of medical service, - one is from Sverdlovsk by origin, the other is from Orenburg. They had dreamed of military service, far sea voyages since their childhood. Though they had served at the same fleet – the Northern fleet, they got acquainted only 4 months ago when they started their studying in order to get a purely civil profession.  TV Murman 18.1.2013

Report of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Barents cooperation.

TV Murman 11.1.2013



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