Barents Editors' Forum in Kirkenes

Editors-in-chief from the Barents Region will meet for the very first time in Kirkenes, October 1-3. The Barents Editors’ Forum is organized by the Barents Mediasphere project and there will be some 15 participants  from many major editorial offices from northern Finland, Norway, Russia (Murmansk and Arkhangelsk regions) and Sweden, both from Radio and TV, electronic and print media.

The idea of the Barents Editors' meeting is to offer an opportunity for media networking and sharing of best practices.

– We aim to create a forum and atmosphere that encourages the editors from regional media to meet and talk with each other. It is then up to them if they are interested to continue contacts also in the future. There is an obvious interest to have information and news of what is happening across the borders in the Barents region but lack of time and resources is creating problems, says Markku Heikkilä, head of Science Communications at the Arctic Centre, University of Lapland.

– Journalists in the Barents Region have cooperated for 20 years through Barents Press International. With this forum, we hope to give this cooperation a push forwards by also including the media houses, says Trude Pettersen at BarentsObserver.

The Barents Mediasphere project is led by the Arctic Centre and the partners are the Internet news site BarentsObserver,  run by the Norwegian Barents Secretariat and GTRK Murman, a regional radio and tv company of the Russian state. BarentsObserver is responsible for the practical arrangements of the Editors' Forum.

Barents Mediasphere is helping cross border journalism by offering training courses for journalists. Also a survey of journalist´s interest to follow what is going on in the Barents cooperation is currently underway. The survey maps how journalists connect and co-operate within the region and studies the role of Barents-related themes in the work of journalists from Finland, Norway, Russia and Sweden.

The Barents Mediasphere project is funded by the European Union’s Kolarctic ENPI cross border co-operation programme, by national financers from Finland, Russia and Norway, and by project partners.

More information
Markku Heikkilä
+358 40 4844 300
Arctic Centre, University of Lapland

Trude Pettersen
+47 408 862 91
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