Course on international communication in Murmansk

Inter_skills_P1060040.jpgI will make interview in English. Soon…
says Anastasia Kareva from Murmansk city channel Arktik TV.

She together with eleven other Murmansk journalists gets two months intensive English course in the framework of the Barents MediaShpere project.

Traditionally in Russia level of knowledge of foreign languages is quite poor. Even after graduation of higher schools just few persons can speak, for instance, English. It makes problems for Russian journalists when they participate in the international events, want to make interviews with foreigners or read news in Internet.

Now the situation for the course participants looks more optimistic.

- We call our course Total Recall because we really feel English knowledge we got in the students time is getting back. - Irina Palamarchuk from the paper Severomoskie Vesti tells.

Irina is worried because Severomorsk, where she lives and works, is a closed military city and foreigners are not often there. But she hopes one day to take part in some international courses or study visits for Russian journalists abroad.

Journalists from Murmansk city will soon be able to make greetings in English for their Nordic colleagues who will come to Murmansk on April, 22 to take part in the exchange program in Murmansk newsrooms. The program is supported by the Mediashpere project.

Some 120 journalists and experts will also take part in the 18 th Barents Press International conference to be held in the town of Apatity (200 km south from Murmansk) on 25-28 April 2013.

   Elena Larionova, Barents Mediashpere expert

TV Murman organizes a course on cross-border communication

The course is held in Murmansk from January 10th to April 23rd, 2013.

Altogether 12 journalists and cameramen from different media houses are participating in the course. Journalists from “Radio of Russia”, radio channel “Mayak”, TV channel “Russia”, newspaper “Murmanski vestnik”, newspaper “Vecherni Murmansk”, TV company “Arctic TV” and newspaper “Severomorskie vesti” are taking part in this intensive course.

The course aims at improving English knowledge and getting through the language barrier.

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