Barents Editors Forum in Rovaniemi

The Barents Editors Forum will take place for the second time in Rovaniemi on October 21-23.

Young Journalists' Meeting in Kirkenes

The Barents Mediasphere will organize a meeting for young journalists and journalism students from the Barents region in Kirkenes, Norway 23.-27.4.2014.

Field Course for Journalists in Finland

The Barents Mediasphere invites journalists from northern Russia, Norway and Sweden to take part in the journalist course in Rovaniemi and Oulu, Finland on 24.2.-28.2.2014.

Greenpeace versus Russia – An Arctic Media Debate

The Barents Mediasphere will arrange discussion with the Helsinki International Press Club which will focus on the case Greenpeace, NGOs and the possibilities for critical journalism in Russia 1.15.2014.

Premiere of "Home without Borders"

"Home without Borders", a documentary on mixed marriages will be premiered at the TV-Festival “The Northern character” in Murmansk 21-23.11.2013.

Barents Editors Forum

The Barents Mediasphere project will organize the first ever Barents Editors Forum. The event is aimed for leading editors of media houses operating in the Barents region. The forum is held in Kirkenes, Norway 1.-3.10.2013.

Barents Café in Rovaniemi

Welcome to discuss Barents media with Russian and Norwegian journalists. The event is held in Rovaniemi, Finland 12.9.2013.

Field course for journalists in Russia

Journalists will visit media outlets and have briefings about Barents related topics during the training course in Russia. Twenty journalist from Norway and Finland will take part to this course in Murmansk and Apatity, Russia, 22.-28.4.2013.

International communication course in Murmansk

TV Murman organizes a course on international communication. The course is held in Murmansk, Russia 10.1.-23.4.2013.

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