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Quality of Life, Health and Environment

Northern peoples have experience and knowledge of how to live and work in arctic conditions. The Barents Region is one of few remaining areas with a relatively pristine natural environment: this implies a high quality of life, but it also entails a great responsibility.

The Barents Cooperation has from its very start aimed at improving the living conditions of the people. At the same time, the natural environment is unique in its biodiversity and is an important part of the earth’s ecosystem, providing living resources that form the basis for human settlement of the region. Continued human habitation and economic development in the Barents Region can only be possible if its fragile ecosystem is used in a sustainable way.


Health Cooperation in the Barents region

The Barents Euro-Arctic Council's Working Group on Health and Related Social Issues brings together governments, regions, organizations and experts in health and related social issues with the aim to improve public health and social well-being of the people in the Barents Region.

The Northern Dimension Partnership in Public Health and Social Well-being (NDPHS) is a cooperative effort of eleven governments, the European Commission and eight international organisations. The NDPHS provides a forum for concerted action to tackle challenges to health and social well-being in the Northern Dimension area and foremost in North-West Russia.

Barents working group and HIV/AIDS programme is aiming to reduce the spread of HIV in the Barents Region through a multisectoral and multinational action. 


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Photo: Thomas Nilsen


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