Universities in Russia

Arkhangelsk region -  Murmansk region -  Republic of Karelia -  Republic of Komi

Arkhangelsk region

Pomor State University named after M.V.Lomonosov
Lomonosova 4, RU-163006 Arkhangelsk, Arkhangelsk region
tel./fax. +7 (818-2) 28-07-80, +47 7891 6133, +7 8182 463 602
www-address: http://www.pomorsu.ru/

  • Faculties; Foreign Languages, History, Humanities, Law, Management, Mathematics, Natural Geography, Philology and Journalism, Physical Training, Physics, Primary and Special Education, Psychology and Social Work, Technology and Entrepreneurship.

Arkhangelsk State Technical University - ASTU
Northern Dvina nab. 17, RU-163002 Arkhangelsk, Arkhangelsk region
tel. +7 (818-2) 218 920, (818-2) 280 271,  fax. +7 (818-2) 280 714
www-address (available only in russian):  http://www.agtu.ru/

  • Departments; Building, Engineering, Power Engineering, Mechanical Natural Resources, Chemical Technology, Mechanical Technology of Wood, Forestry, Distance Education.

Northern State Medical University - NSMU
Troitsky ave. 51, RU-163061  Arkhangelsk, Arkhangelsk region
tel./fax. +7 (818-2) 64-74-10
e-mail:  info(at)nsmu.ru
www-address:  http://www.nsmu.ru/

  • Faculties; General Medicine, Paediatric, Dental, Medical Prophylactics, Medical Psychology, Medical Management, Social Workers, Ecology, Pharmaceutical, Postgraduate Education, Institute of Management

Republic of Karelia

Karelian State Pedagogical University
Pushkin str. 17, RU-185680 Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia
tel./fax. +7 (814-2) 78-30-29
e-mail: webmaster(at)kspu.karelia.ru
www-address: http://kspu.karelia.ru/
Information for international students can be found here.

  • Faculties: Physical and Mathematical, Elementary Education, Natural-geographical, Preschool Formation, Foreign Languages, Physical Training, Philology, Technology and Business and Psychology. 

Petrozavodsk State University - PetrSU
Lenin str. 33, RU-185 640 Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia
tel. +7 (814-2) 77-51-40,  fax. +7 (814-2) 71-10-00
e-mail:  zakharova(at)mainpgu.karelia.ru 
www-address:  http://petrsu.karelia.ru/

Republic of Komi

Syktyvkar State University - SSU
Oktyabrski Prospekt 55, RU-167001 Syktyvkar, Republic of Komi
tel./fax. +7 (821-2) 436820
e-mail:  ssu(at)syktsu.ru
www-address: http://www.syktsu.ru/

  • Faculties; Arts, Chemistry and Biology, History, Humanities, Finance and Economics, Finno-Ugric Studies, Law, Management, Mathematics, Philology, Physical Training and Soprts, Physícs, Psychology and Social Work.

Institute of Language, literature and history
26, ul. Kommunisticheskaya, RU-167982 Syktyvkar, Republic of Komi
tel./fax. (8212) 425564; Fax: (8212) 425266, 442197
e-mail: smetanin(at)mail.komisc.ru
www-address: http://www.ksc.komi.ru

  • Archaeology, ethnology, linguistics and literature

Syktyvkar Forest Institute, Branch of St Petersburg State Forest Technical Academy - SFI
Lenin street 39-319, RU-167000 Syktyvkar, Republic of Komi
tel. +7 (821- 2) 24 9107, fax. +7 (821-2) 24 6098

  • Departments; Foreign Languages, Forest Economy, Computer Science, Management and Marketing, Agrarian Economy, Physical Culture and Sports, Mechanization of Agriculture,   Chemistry, Physics, Technical Mechanics, Engineering Technologies, Information Systems,  Automobiles and Automobile Economy, Accounting, Analysis and Audit, Philosophy and Sociology, Reforming Enterprises, Economy of Industries, Law-studies,  Higher Mathematics, General Technical Sciences, Technologies of Woodworking, Highways and Airfields, Electro-energetics and Automation, Bioecological and Agricultural Sciences, Regeneration of Forest Resources, Humanities, Engineering Drawings and Automation of Designing, Pulp-and-paper Manufacturing, Wood Chemistry and Industrial Ecology, Machines and Equipment of the Forest Complex.


Institute of Chemistry Komi Science Centre Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Science
Pervomaiskaya st. 48, RU-167982 Syktyvkar, Republic of Komi
tel./fax. 7 (8212) 218477 (fax), +7(8212) 219947 +7 (8212) 219947
E-mail : info(at)chemi.komisc.ru
www: http://chemi.komisc.ru

Russian academy of sciences, Ural division
24, Kommunisticheskaya Str., Syktyvkar 167982, Komi, Russia
Phone : (8212) 24-16-08, Fax : (8212) 24-22-64
E-mail : roshchevsky@presidium.komisc.ru
www: http://www.komisc.ru/

Institute of biology, institute of geology, institute of social, economic and power problems of the north, institute of physiology, institute of language, literature and history, institute of chemistry and department of mathematics

Ukhta State Technical University
Pervomayskaya 13, RU-169300 Ukhta, Republic of Komi
tel. +7 (82147) 36 749
e-mail: nekouch(at)uii.sever.ru
www-address: http://www.ugtu.net/

Komi republic academy public service and management

g.Syktyvkar, ul.Kommunisticheskaya 11, RU-167000 Syktyvkar, Republic of Komi
tel. +7 (8212) 24-22
www-address: http://www.krags.ru

Institute retraining USTU
St., Ekaterinburg. Mira, 19, RU- 620002 Ukhta
e-mail: aid(at)bs.ustu.ru
www-address: http://bstm.ru

Murmansk region

St.Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics - Engecon Branch in Apatity , International Office
Marata str. 27, RU-191002 Saint Petersburg, Leningrad region
tel. +7-812-118-50-17,  fax. +7-812-112-06-07
e-mail: oms(at)engec.ru
www-address: http://www.engec.ru/eng/contacts.shtml

Murmansk State Pedagogical University - MSPU

Captain Yegorov Ul. 15, RU-183720 Murmansk, Murmansk region
tel. 5-27-52, fax. 7-46-07
www-address: http://www.mspu.edu.ru

  • Faculties; History and Philology, Preschool Education, Culture and Art, Pedagogics and Techniques of Elementary Education, Nature and Ecology, Foreign Languages, Improvement of Professional Skill and Professional Retraining of Workers of Education, Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, Faculty of Special Pedagogy and Psychology, Faculty of Technology and Design.

Murmansk State Technical University - MSTU

Sportivnaya str. 13, RU-183010 Murmansk, Murmansk region
tel. +7 (815-2) 56 20 5,   fax.  +7 (815-2) 55 71 19
e-mail: office(at)mstu.edu.ru
www-address: http://eng.mstu.edu.ru/
Murmansk State Technical University - publications

  • Faculties; Finance, Electro-Engineering, Humanities, Law, Management and Economics,  Marine-Engineering, Natural Sciences, Navigation, Technology, Part-Time and Correspondence, Correspondence Socio-Economic Education.

Polytechnics in Russia

Murmansk State Pedagogical Institute
Captain Yegorov Ul. 15, RU-183720 Murmansk, Murmansk region
tel. 5-27-52   fax. 7-46-07

  • Departments; History and Philology, Physics and Mathematics, Pre-School Pedagogics, Psychology.

Academies, colleges and other education in Russia

Arkhangelsk Marine College Named after Captain Voronin
Quay of Northern Dvina 111, RU-163061 Arkhangelsk, Arkhangelsk region
tel./fax. +7 (818-2) 647 471

The Arkhangelsk Pedagogical College
Smolnyj the Brawler str. 5, RU-163002 Arkhangelsk, Arkhangelsk region
tel./fax. +7 (818-2) 280 893
e-mail: avpu(at)sanet.ru
www-address: http://www.avpu.ru

Centre of accounting and business
Sofia Perovskoj’s str. 25/26  offices 101-103, RU-183016 Murmansk, Murmansk region
tel. +7 (815-2) 45-04-07   fax. +7 (815-2) 45-72-85

Educational center "LOGOS"
Communes str. 9 office 310, Murmansk, Murmansk region
tel. +7 (815-2) 472 796
www-address: http://www.logos-center.ru/

Northwest Academy of Public Service, Murmansk Branch.
Volodarsky 3, Murmansk, Murmansk region
tel. +7 (8-8152) 42-35-35, 42-35-75, 42-33-51

Institute of International Right and Economics - IIRE, Murmansk Branch.
Captain Egorov str. 15, RU-183720 Murmansk, Murmansk region
tel./fax.  45-9210, 47-4242

e-mail: murmansk(at)iile.ru
www-address (website only in Russian): http://www.iile.ru/branch_murmansk.html

Murmansk Regional Institute of Improvement of Professional Skills of Workers of Education
Podstanitskogo D 1, Ru-183031, Murmansk, Murmansk region
tel./fax. 8-312-751
  • Departments; Management, Pedagogics and Psychology, Natural-mathematical and Vocational Training, Preschool and Elementary Education, Philological Disciplines. 

Murmansk Sea Fishing College Named After I.I.Mesjatseva
Schmidt 19, RU-183785 Murmansk, Murmansk region
tel. 47-61-21  fax. 47-32-77

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