Research Institutes in the Norwegian part of the Barents Region

Barents Institute - a new research institute which primary focus will be on regional East-West relations, cross-border developments and region-building studies.

Svanhovd Environmental Centre - Located in the Pasvik valley. Svanhovd is an arena for co-operation between foreign countries strengthening the scientific knowledge in the Barents region. Research on cross-border environmental issues in the Barents Region, sub-Arctic agriculture and  the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority’s Emergency Unit.

Norut-NIBR Finnmark - Located in Alta. The Institute has two R&D areas: Social Science and Aquatic Organisms, and is particularly interested in regional challenges and indigenous populations, as well as the breeding of marine and freshwater species.

Nordland Research Institute - Located in Bodø. Research into the economic, public and social issues of contemporary society in addition to aquaculture. Including Social Welfare, Regional Development and Municipal research.

Norut Group Ltd. (Norut Gruppen AS)-  a research group consisting of non-for-profit limited companies. The Norut Group has R&D activities in a total of five towns along the Norwegian coast. The head office is located in the town of Tromsø, Norway.

Fiskeriforskning - The fishery reasearch institute. Located in Tromsø. Perform research and development work that will result in a competitive fishery and aquaculture industry and a best possible utilisation of the sea’s resources.

Norwegian Polar Institute - Located in Tromsø. Norway’s central institution for research, environmental monitoring and mapping of the polar regions. Through active participation in national and international bodies, the Polar Institute is central when it comes to protecting national interests in matters of research and the environment.

Akvaplan-niva - Located in Tromsø. independent companies providing environmental and aquaculture consultancy. Besides consultancy related to planning, design and management of production facilities, the aquaculture department is heavily involved in the development of cultivation techniques for marine species (cod, wolffish, halibut, seabass and seabream). 

Other Norwegian Research institutes with Barents related research

Center for International Climate and Environmental Research - Oslo. - Independent research center associated with the University of Oslo with mandate to both conduct research and provide information about issues of climate change.

The Fridtjof Nansen Institute - independent foundation engaged in research on international environmental, energy, and resource management politics. The Institute seeks to maintain a multi-disciplinary approach, with main emphasis on political science, economics, and international law.

Geological Survey of Norway - The national institution for knowledge on bedrock, mineral resources, surficial deposits and groundwater.

Institute of Marine Research - research on marine resources, the marine environment and aquaculture.

Norwegian Institute for Air Research - The institute conducts environmental research with emphasis on the sources of airborne pollution, atmospheric transport, transformation and deposition and is also involved in the assessment of the effects of pollution on ecosystems, human health and materials.

Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research - National and international centre of expertise for research and fieldwork relating to cultural heritage conservation and management.

Norwegian Institute for Nature Research - Institution for applied ecological research.

Norwegian Institute for Water Research - Norway’s leading multidisciplinary research institute as regards the use and protection of water bodies and water quality.

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