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Customs terms


  • Carnets are “Merchandise Passports.”  They are international customs documents that simplify customs procedures for the temporary importation of various types of goods
  • ATA Carnets ease the temporary importation of commercial samples, professional equipmen, and goods for exhibitions and fairs.  They facilitate international business by avoiding extensive customs procedures, eliminating payment of duties and value-added taxes, and replacing the purchase of temporary import bonds.
  • ATA-carnets are admitted by chambers of commerce - FinlandNorway and Sweden. See also the customs offices in Russia where ATA-carnet is accepted.
  • Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System, HS -by World Customs Organization.


  • Single Administrative Document, functions as a customs declaration.

Customs declaration

  • By a customs declaration a person indicates a wish to place goods under a given customs procedure

Customs procedure

  • The Community Customs Code provides for 8 customs procedures: release for free circulation, transit, customs warehousing, inward processing, processing under customs control, temporary importation, outward processing, and exportation

EUR.1 movement certificate

  • A certificate of origin made out in a specified form. The certificate is used in order to enjoy tariff preferences in all trade under preferential arrangements except the GSP and the trade of Turkish Customs Union products. The certificate is issued by the exporter of the goods and it is verified by a customs authority, or by the exporter, if the exporter is authorized for this by the customs authority.

Proof of the origin (EU: Rules of origin)

  • Proof of the originating status of a product shall be established by presenting a written proof of origin to the customs authority. The proof can be either a certificate entitling the product to a preference or a proof of origin required of the product.

Taric (TARIC Consultation / TARIC-kysely / Om Taric Söksystem)

  • Integrated tariff of the Community, held in a Commission database containing EC import and export measures applicable to specific goods, such as tariff suspensions, tariff quotas, tariff preferences, anti-dumping duties, quantitative restrictions, embargoes, export.

TIR carnet (EU: Transport under the TIR or ATA procedureTIR-carnet’n täyttöohjeet)

  •  Document facilitating transit by serving both as a customs declaration and as a guarantee in countries that are a contracting party to the TIR Convention.


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