Åsele Heritage Area,Museum with log cabins from the farming era. Textile collection and Sami artefacts. Dining and shop with handicrafts. Www is not present.

Astu Design,Sami design och handicraft by AnnaStina Svakko. Site in Swedish, Sami and English.

Edmondson, Monica L,Glass Artist. Site in Swedish and English.

Fatmomakke – Church site from the 18th century,The Sami religious site and church village of Fatmomakke is located in Kultsjödalen Valley. The Sami have used this site since the end of the 18th century and later settlers joined them. The small wooden church from the 1880s is still used and has an impressive altar painting. The over 80 Sami huts and storage buildings are grouped along the trails on the hill while the settlers log cabins are by the lake. Site in Swedish, German and English.

Gammplatsen in Lycksele – Historic Lycksele,Visit historic Lycksele with Sami camps, museums, cafés and country stores. A church was built on the spot in the Umeälven River in 1607. This later became a meeting place for Sami, traders and churchgoers. See the Margareta Church, a replica of a 1736 church or visit the Sami camp and experience Sami culture. The manual phone switching station from the 1930s and 40s, the country store and the confectionery offer a trip through history. The area is also home to a textile museum, a hunting museum. Site in Swedish.

Gran, Margareta,Sami artisan and storyteller. She designs and makes jewellery, bags and others objects from roots, skins and pewter thread. Also enjoys explaining her crafts and the history and meaning of the designs. Www is not present.

Huuva, Rose-Marie,Sami artist from Kiruna, visual artist and poet. Presentation in Swedish.

Introduction to the Sami people,General information and links. Site in English.

Jokkmokks Tenn,Handicraft with Sámi tradition. A workshop carried on as a family business. Here you have the opportunity to see how to produce pewter objects and jewellery according to the Sámi tradition. Manufactured good for sale. Site in Swedish and English.

Kitti, Johan,Sami artist from Karesuando. Site in Norwegian.

Lapland’s Image Bank by Rosenmedia,Specialized on Arctic nature, culture and outdoor life. Site in English.

Laponian Area - Gällivare, Jokkmokk and Arjeplog,The Arctic Circle region of northern Sweden is the home of the Saami, or Lapp people. It is the largest area in the world (and one of the last) with an ancestral way of life based on the seasonal movement of livestock. Every summer, the Saami lead their huge herds of reindeer towards the mountains through a natural landscape hitherto preserved, but now threatened by the advent of motor vehicles. Historical and ongoing geological processes can be seen in the glacial moraines and changing water courses. Site in Swedish.

Lapp Village in Arvidsjaur,The worlds largest preserved Lapp church village in central Arvidsjaur, which feautures more than 80 Lapp wooden huts and lodgings. Site in Swedish and English.

Lappish Village,On Kyrkberget the hill above Church Town, there are two Lappish tentlike dwellings (kåtas) in southern Lappish tradition, and one in the tradition of the forest Lapps. Www is not present.

Lappstan – a part of the Golden Kingdom,Twenty Sami huts and twentyone storage buildings just 100 metres from the Malå Tourist Office. Www is not present.

Laulun Laulut,Laulun-Laulut is the Scandinavian/Baltic version of Liet Ynternasjonaal, the song contest for minority languages. The contest will take place on September 15 in Pajala, in the Meänkieli speaking part of Norbotten, Sweden. Out of more than 40 entries from all over northern and Baltic Europe the selection jury selected 11 songs in 8 minority languages being Swedish from Finland, Mordvinian, Jiddish, Meäankieli, Finnish from Sweden, Romani, Karelian and Vepsian. It will be the first time that Mordvinian, Jiddish, Karelian and Vepsian will be present at such a song contest. Site in Meänkieli, Swedish, Finnish and English.

Lavvo Sami Art & Nature,Native art, sami gold and silver jewellery, ceramics, stoneware, photo, picture agency, guide, education, travels. Site in Swedish and English.

Lundström, Max,His artwork is based on traditional saami craftmanship. Site in Swedish and English.

Malå Local Heritage Area,Tools and everyday items used by craftsmen long ago are on display. The Local Heritage Museum focuses on the 1960s. A Sami Museum and a newly built oldstyle bakers cabin are also open to the public. Arts and crafts for sale. Www is not present.

Mangi, Yana,Yana Mangi, is from Swedish Lapland and sings from her heart the Swedish Sami Folklore. Site in English.

Marakatt-Labba, Britta,Textil artist from Kiruna. Site in Swedish and English.

Nilsson, Berit,Sami artisan – design and makes jewellery, bags and other objects from roots, skins and pewter threat. Also enjoys explaining her crafts and the history and meaning of the designs. Www is not present.

Norrbotten County Museum,County museum in Norrbotten. Always several exhibitions on cultural history. The museum consists of nine different departments: archeology, building renovations, objects and documentation, archive, picture archive, public department and handicraft. Site in Swedish, German and English.

Pengsjö Museum,This privately operated pioneer museum and culture centre is 13 km south of Vännäs. The museum has over 18,000 artefacts and over 20 buildings from both Sami culture and history and from the pioneer era through the 19th century. Site in Swedish and English.

Pirak, Lars,Pay a visit to Lars Pirak and enjoy his Sámi handicraft. He was one of the first to regenerate the Sámi handicraft. Objects in both wood and horn, paintings in oil and watercolour. Www is not present.

Saami Parliament of Sweden,Site in Sami and Swedish.

Samegalleriet – Lappish Gallery,This is a Lappish gallery with a workshop in Church Town. Antler, wood, pewter, knives, shamanic drums, crafts material, and more. You may be able to see SvenÅke Risfjell at work and hear him tell about Lappish traditions. Www is not present.

Sameportalen,The Samis in Jokkmokk. Site in Sami, Swedish, German and English.

Sami dialects,The three main dialects are in turn divided into nine dialects or varieties, as they are also referred to by linguists. The main Sami dialects are: Eastern Sami, Central Sami and Southern Sami. Site in Swedish and English.

Sámi Duodji,Exhibitions and sales of Sámi handicraft.

Sami handicraft foundation,By duodji we mean the handicrafts and artistic handicraft made by the Sámi, based on Sámi traditions, Sámi design, Sámi patterns and colours. The word duodji is also used as a mark of authentic Sámi handicraft. It relates first of all to the handicraft itself and in second place to the Sámi way of life. Site in Swedish and summary in English.

Sami Library,Sami Library Counsellor. Site in Sámi, Swedish and English.

Sámi Teáhter,Sami theatre group in Kiruna and Tärnaby. Site in Swedish.

Sami Theatre,The sami theatre in Arvidsjaur, Sweden. Site in Swedish and English.

Sami week,A wellfilled program with lots of activities each day. There are performances, lectures, demonstrations, reindeer races, food, song, exhibitions, and a lot of handicraft from all over the samiland Sápmi in their own language. Site in Norwegian, short in English.

Sandberg Johansson, Lena,She makes hand engarving on different glass products using sámi motifs. Site in Swedish and English.

Sápmi,About the Sami people and culture. Site in Swedish and English.

Silver Museum,The museum holds traces from the hunters and fishermen who made their way here thousands of years ago, from the lives and history of the settlers, and from the festivals and everyday lives of the Saami people. The most notable section of the large, wellrun museum is the Silver Hall, with around 700 separate silver objects such as mugs, collars, elegant belt ornaments, goblets and spoons that date from medieval times to the 1900s. The Silver Museum has an unusual tale to tell: the tale of a young doctor who came to Arjeplog in 1922 and stayed for the rest of his life. The "Lapland Doctor", Einar Wallquist, was fascinated by the people and the countryside, which formed the subject matter of his painting and writing. And he collected... Today, his collections and records of the life of the Sami people (Lapps) and settlers represent a shared concern for everyone living here. The Silver Museum is the common heritage of all the inhabitants of Arjeplog. Site in Swedish and English.

Svonni, Sara,Creates modern Sámi inspired quality clothes of reindeer hides wool and Fur. Site in Swedish and English.

Swedish Sami Bibliography,Swedish Sami Bibliography by LIBRIS. Site in Swedish and English.

Torvsjö Mills,On a visit to the Culture Centre and Forest Museum you can explore what life was like in a Lapland village. Here you can see how waterpower was used along Kvarnbäcken Stream and how forestry was conducted before mechanisation and largescale forestry took over. Www is not present.

Transjoik,Transjoik creates music that is exciting, vital, and powerful! Song, throat joiking, a muezzins call to prayer, rap, or recitation? Transjoik consists of four musicians who use the human voice in a way youve never heard before. Derived from old joik recordings on wax cylinders, the groups music establishes a mood that is at once modern and timeless and suggestive. Site in English.

Umeå University - Department of Archeology and Sámi Studies,Undergraduate (AB) course focuses on humans and material culture, belief systems and meetings between the past and the modern world. The second year (CD course) offers a more in depth look at archaeological theory, culture heritage and environmental archaeology. Site in Swedish and English.

Utsi, Annmari,Sami artisan working with traditional sami women handicraft. Site in Swedish and English.

Velmesmakke Lappish Site,An old Lappish camp area with a few kåtor where Lappish children once attended school. Www is not present.