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 BEAC Barents Euro-Arctic Council -  is the forum for intergovernmental co-operation on issues concerning the Barents Region. The BEAC meets at Foreign Ministers level in the country of the Chair at the end of term of office. The Chair rotates every second year in the autumn, between Finland, Norway, Russia and Sweden.
  BEAC working groups and task forces have been established to deepen co-operation on issues relevant to the Barents Region.
  The Regional Council unites 13 member counties and a representative of the indigenous peoples in the northernmost parts of Finland, Norway and Sweden and north-west Russia.
  The Regional Committee consists of civil servants from the member counties together with a representative of the indigenous peoples. The Committee has overall responsibility for work between meetings of the Regional Council.

Regional Working Groups - in order to deepen the co-operation within certain areas the Regional Council has established working groups, consisting of appointed experts from the member counties.

  The Barents Programme - is the framework for co-operation. It identifies the priority areas of work.
Committee of Senior Officials of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council consists of civil servants representing the governments of the six member countries and the European Commission.
Organization chart of the Barents co-operation
AC Arctic Council
AMAP Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme
Barents 2010 The project Barents 2010 aims at making long term strategies for the Barents co-operation within industry, environment, higher education and communication
BIPO Barents Indigenous Peoples Office
BIS Barents Information Service


Barents Press International
BASREC Baltic Sea Region Energy Co-operation
BASIS Barents Sea Impact Study
BBF The Baltic Billion Funds
BCCA Baltic Sea Chambers of Commerce
BEAR Barents Euro-Arctic Region
BEATA Barents Euro-Arctic Transport Area
BSCC Baltic Sea Customs Conference
BYCO Barents Youth Co-operation Office
CBSS Council of the Baltic Sea States
CEES EU/Russia Common European Economic Space Initiative
CORDIS Community Research & Development Information Service
CSO Committee of Senior Officials of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council
CTF Customs Task Force
CUA Circumpolar Universities Association
EDF European Development Fund
EuropeAid EuropeAid Co-operation Office
EIB European Investment Bank
EU European Union
EWG Working Group on Energy
FTF Forest Task Force
FP6 Sixth Framework Programme
HELCOM Helsinki Commission
IBPP Institution Building Partnership Programme
IASC International Arctic Science Committee
IMF International Monetary Fund
Interreg Community programme aiming to stimulate inter-regional cooperation
IPY International Polar Year
ISA Invest in Sweden Agency
JIW Joint Investment Window
 JWGC  Joint Working Group on Culture
LIFE EU financial instrument for the Environment
LNG Liquefied natural gas
MNEPR Multilateral Nuclear Environmental Programme in the Russian Federation


Nordic Council of Ministers
ND Northern Dimension
NDEP Northern Dimension Environmental Partnership
NDF Nordic Development Fund
NeDAP Northern eDimension Action Plan
NEFCO Nordic Environmental Finance Corporation
NGOs Non-Governmental Organizations
NIB Nordic Investment Bank
NMC Northern Maritime Corridor
NMF Nordic Environmental Development Fund (NEFCO)
Nopef Nordic Project Fund
Norfa Nordic Academy for Advanced Study
PAME Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment Programme
Phare Community assistance for the Central European candidate countries
RTD Research, Technological Development and Demonstration
RWGC Regional Working Group on Culture
RWGE Regional Working Group on Environment
RWGER Regional Working Group on Education and Research
RWGIT Regional Working Group on Information Technology
RWGYI Regional Working Group on Youth Issues
SBS Svenska Barentssekretariatet
SIDA Swedish International Development Agency
SI Swedish Institute
SMEs Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
SNS Nordic Forest Research Co-operation Committee
TACIS Community Technical Assistance programme for the Commonwealth of Independent States 
TACIS CBC- SPF Tacis Cross-Border Co-operation Small Project Facility and Micro Project Facility
TACIS IBPP Institutions Building Partnership Programme
TEN-E Trans-European Energy Network
TEN-T Trans-European Transport Network
TF-THB Task Force against Trafficking in Human Beings in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region
UNEP United Nations Environment Programme
UN/ECE United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
WGC Regional Working Group on Communication
WGE Working Group on Environment
WGER Working Group on Education and Research
WGEC Working Group on Economic Co-operation
WGERS Working Group on Emergency and Rescue Services Co-operation
WGHS Working Group on Health and Related Social Issues
WGIP Regional Working Group of Indigenous Peoples
WGYP Working Group on Youth Policy
WTO World Trade Organisation