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Barents Center acts as the coordinator for the Northern Finnish Barents specialists and as a marketer for mainly businesses. It gathers the competence of the area, based on ”one-stop-shopping” principle, to a service portfolio.

Barents Center is a non-profit, match-making organization. It is actively involved in education and in Research and Development activities. It does not manage or administer projects.

Barents Center gathers, assembles, creates and refines information in the Barents Euro Arctic Region for the special needs of business, education and administration.

Barents Center objectives are:

  • Communication and contact with the Finnish State and promoting of the Finnish State contacts with the Barents Euro Arctic area (Northern Norway, Northern Sweden, Northern Finland and North-West Russia) most central actors.
  • Coordination of the regional Barents issues in Finland
  • Increasing the visibility and presence of Finland in the Barents area.
  • Aiding the development of traffic networks in the area of Northern Finland and Barents Euro Arctic Region.
  • Development of the operative conditions for SME:s (Small and medium sized enterprises)

New publication on the Economic Cooperation in the Barents Region

This study focuses on activities and results of east-west cross-border business cooperation between Norway, Finland, Sweden and Russia within the Barents Region covering the period from 2003 to 2013.  See more: Economic Cooperation in the Barents Region

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Martti Hahl
Telephone: +358 40 5057611
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Barents Center Finland Ltd
Maakuntakatu 29-31 B, 2nd floor
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